Timeless II

The Beatles - Timeless II




Timeless II
Picture LP
1982, Netherlands
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#<Artist:0x0000000008bffc40> - Timeless II
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Timeless II
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(Picture Disc) Unofficial Release.
Both sides of disc are picture disc.
All tracks are untitled and uncredited.

Track A1 is a song by the unofficial group 'The People'.
Track A2 comprises of the following:
1. Intro narrated by Red Robinson.
2. Murray 'The K' Kaufman interviewing Ringo
Miami Beach, Florida - The Deauville Hotel, Feb. 14th 1964.
3. Murray The K interviewing George
New York City - The Plaza Hotel, Feb. 8th 1964.
4. Murray The K interviewing Paul (on the phone, England)
5. Murray The K interviewing John & Ringo (with a poetic recital by John)
New York City - The Plaza Hotel, February 8th 1964.
6. Murray the K with The Beatles on the set of 'A Hard Day's Night', Twickenham, England.
7. A short summary by Red Robinson.
Track B1 Comprises of the following two interviews: -
Seattle, Washington - August 25th 1964.
Seattle, Washington - Press Conference at Seattle Coliseum, August 27th 1966.
Track B2 is a song by Keith Green.
Track B3 is a fake Beatles sound-a-like commercial
to promote the sale of the record.

Murray 'The K' Kaufman: (Feb. 14th 1922 - Feb. 21st 1982)
Keith Gordon Green: (Oct. 21st 1953 - July 28th 1982). [discogs]

Untitled (Come Back Beatles)
Untitled (Interviews)
Untitled (Interviews)
Untitled (Sgt. Pepper's Epitaph)
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