recordsale & musicberlin GmbH, contact & addresses

All customer inquiries will be answered within 2 days.

Our Headoffice/ Administration:

recordsale & musicberlin GmbH
Falckensteinstr. 48
D-10997 Berlin
German Tax number: 29/ 464 / 08811
VAT-ID: DE 815 107 318
CEO: Mathias Gordon HRB 121880 B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Mailorder & Backoffice

recordsale& musicberlin GmbH
Falckensteinstr. 48
10997 Berlin
Tel: 030 / 69507572 (11 AM-1 PM, Middle European Time)
Fax: 030 / 89658801
Email: [email protected]

We try our best

Building a sustainable company.
We mainly sell used products.
We only use regenerative energy for our offices and only from companies who are investing into new ressources for regenerative energy.
Our car drives with eco-friendly CNG gas.
We use (where we can) used instead of new products.