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One Minute for Chet Baker

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Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder!


Hip Hop Collection

Hip Hop as a genre of music is instantly recognizable. Samples from soul and funk records, vinyl scratching and a special form of poetry known as rapping, are some of its key elements. This sound originated in the Bronx in the late 1970s and has had a worldwide influence. It is often said that the golden age of hip hop was in the nineties. Whatever decade you prefer - we have a wide variety of American and German hip-hop in this collection.


Cover Art by Keith Haring

Keith Haring began to use the public space in New York City as his canvas in the late 1970s and soon gained international success as an artist for his distinct illustration technique. In 1986 Keith was invited to Berlin by the director of the Check Point Charlie Museum to paint a mural on a section of the border wall. Overnight a large part of Keith’s work had been painted grey, out of protest. Three years later the entire wall came down.
To celebrate Keith’s colourful work we’ve put together a collection of records that feature his art. Our highlight: "Life Is Something Special" by the N.Y.C Peech Boys designed and signed by the amazing Keith Haring himself!


back in the days...

More than 15 years ago, started in Berlin-Mitte...


XL Recordings Label Collection

The focus here is not on a narrowly restricted style, but rather on a broad collection of artists who are somehow labelled under the generic term "alternative", but who each make very independent music. XL Recordings also stands for a certain quality and authenticity. And if you appreciate some of the big names who have released here, you can certainly discover great records in the repertoire, which wrongly are not (yet) in the public focus.


Forward to the past with 8-Track

We got our hands on an old stock of mostly still sealed 8-track cartridges. Some of them are even completely unknown to the internet – until now! Exclusive at recordsale. Take a look at this rare but lovely format, you’ll discover some treasures!


Welcome to tape heaven!

THE medium of the 80's is back and we have increased our stock with classics, box sets and rare editions - largely still sealed. About time to dust off the old tape deck and go on a time travel.


The Caricaturist

Sebastian Krüger, born in 1963, is a German artist known for his unique style of caricature painting. During the 80s he designed the artwork for many album covers of different Rock and Heavy Metal bands such as Tankard, Scorpions, Risk, Destruction and The Raymen. Krüger was also close with The Rolling Stones, he created several group portraits and numerous portraits of Keith Richards. Check out our selection of LP’s and 7” signed by the artist himself.

Search by Genre

Our stock is sorted by more than 500 music categories., divided into 21 genres..


Vinyl Bargains

Good music on vinyl doesn't mean it has to be expensive. A proof for this statement is our section "Vinyl Bargains".
Make your deal and dig the low priced records under 5€.

Just Arrived

For the connoisseurs of our offers, the news from last week is available again at a glance. And finally also with filter functions.


cabinet of rarities

Of course recordsale also offers absolute collector's items: Ultrarare originals from the 60s, classics of Krautrock from the 70s, sought-after obscurities from the 80s and alternative hits from the 90s can be found here.


Recordsale joined the Instagram bandwagon some time ago. But during this time of isolation we’ve been using this channel more than we have in the past. It just makes life a bit more colourful. So if you’re interested in weekly music quizzes, digging videos and other sneak previews from the Recordsale universe make sure to follow us :)


US Shopping tour

We were on a shopping tour in Florida and packed a few tons of vinyl for you from private collectors as well as from record stores. The records have arrived, but not yet catalogued. Of course we will inform you as soon as this happens.


From ABBA to Zappa - Music for Reading

In addition to records, we also offer you a selection of used and new books on the subjects of music and vinyl culture.
Biographies, reference books, illustrated books, magazines - here you will find everything you need to extend you music knowledge.


New records arrived

After a long wait they are finally here: we have acquired a - as you can see - very large load of records from Switzerland. Now the records are just waiting to be catalogued. As soon as this happens, we will let you know. Because everyone will probably find something that is missing in his or her own collection.


Verve Label Collection

Verve was founded in 1956 by Norman Granz, then manager of Ella Fitzgerald, to produce new albums for her. In the following decades, Verve built up the world's largest jazz catalogue with Stan Getz, Billie Holiday, Bill Evans and many others and is still one of the most important addresses for all jazz lovers.


Tommy Boy Label Collection

After Tom Silverman already achieved a certain degree of fame through his biweekly magazine Dance Music Report, he founded the label Tommy Boy in his New York apartment - with a $5000 loan from his parents. The most famous release of Tommy Boy propably is Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock. But even beyond that, the Tommy Boy catalogue hides countless gems - especially from the early days of rap history.


Trax Records Label Collection

Legendary Chicago Label was found 1984 by Larry Sherman and Jesse Saunders and is one of the most important Labels when it comes to House Music. It released classics like Larry Heard “Can You Feel It” or Frankie Knuckles “The Whistle Song” and formed the sound of a whole decade.


Warp Label Collection

Founded in Sheffield Warp formed UK Techno like no other Label and created it’s own genre under the name Bleep. It’s Label Catalogue also contains some groundbreaking Ambient and IDM Releases by artists like Aphex Twin and Autchere.


The King's alive!

With us you will find a huge selection, from the albums that everyone should have on the shelf to obscure rarities and numerous different editions for those who need their own room just for their Elvis collection. Click your way through our wide range. There's certainly something there that isn't yet in your record cabinet.


We have reduced our shipping costs!

From now on we ship for only 3.90€ within Germany. No matter if you want to order one or one hundred records.
We have also extended our flatrate program for worldwide shipping. Within Europe, for example, you pay a maximum of 13.90€ per order. To Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium even only 7.90€. You can find a detailed list in the updated shipping overview.


ZTT Label Collection

Best of the '80s and '90s? At ZTT Records not just a radio slogan. Big pop acts like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Tom Jones came here to play. If you want to revive these times, this is the right place. Long-forgotten sweethearts can be rediscovered and are waiting to be played out loud again.


We're presenting our personal record collections

The team introduces itself. As passionate vinyl collectors we let our favourite records speak for us.

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