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Zappa. frank zappa you cant do that on stage anymore vol. 2 (the h

One Minute for Frank Zappa

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Happy Birthday Jay-Z!

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For the connoisseurs of our offers, the news from last week is available again at a glance. And finally also with filter functions.

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Big Autumn Sale on

Our Special Autumn Sale starts now! We reduce the prices of 150.000
items, all genres, labels and artists included. Have fun with digging!

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Vinyl Bargains

Good music on vinyl doesn't mean it has to be expensive. A proof for this statement is our new section "Vinyl Bargains"
Make your Deal and dig the low priced records under 5€. Every month 4000 new records.

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Thewho mygeneration(whitelabelmono)

Who? The Who!

Any music lover on this world is aware of the relevance of The Who for the past and today! In this collection we celebrate this fact as well as new arrivals across the whole band catalogue. Take a look around!

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Poder Verde - An Amazonian Exchange

Our Team Members Luis Antonio Delgado & Mathias Gordon went to Columbia for a huge record collection.
Luis Delgado also work on an ambitious film project in the amazon areas:

Follow digital cumbia pioneers Dengue Dengue Dengue! deep into the Amazon in Peru to meet psychedelic cumbia legends Los Wembler’s de Iquitos and collaborate on new music.

Along with DJ and promoter Alfredo Villar and the Wemblers themselves, the Dengues share valuable insight into the history and evolution of Peruvian chicha and psychedelic cumbia music throughout the journey.

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From now on: Organize the new arrivals of your favorite genres with just one click.

It's now possible to filter new arrivals on by
With around 1000 new arrivals every day, we acknowledge it's quite
easy to get lost. Things are getting simpler - our new feature will allow
you to filter by genre with one simple click.
Just click the blue genre button and you'll see the records you're looking for.

Boffalongo dancing in the moonlight

US Singles

You may remember our great deal from Pennsylvania, where we suceeded to find around 600.000 45s. In the meanwhile we started to list them. A lot of them
are not available on Discogs, therefore you can check them exclusively on our
website. It's surely worthwhile to have a look and we can only recommend to
pass by regulary as you will find all new arrivals on the top of the
listing. Enjoy your hunt!

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We're presenting our personal record collections!

We wouldn't hesitate a second to put these records in our personal
closet. So far the team was working rather anonymous, now
we think it's time to show our faces, beautifully decorated with sleeves
we find particularly aesthetic or remarkable. As all of us are
passionate record collectors as well, it makes sense to let our favorite
records speak for us. From now on we will present you the records of our
stock that belong to the highlights of our staff. We just uploaded our
profile pages and hope you find some inspiration among our personal