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One Minute for Andy Williams

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Happy Birthday Will Smith!


Platten Pedro

In 1969 Platten Pedro opened its doors in West-Berlin. Over the course of the last 50 years, it became one of the most famous vinyl only second-hand stores in the world. When the CD came on the market in the 1980s, Pedro stuck to the wax! But now, at the age of almost 80, it’s time for a new chapter. Pedro will enjoy his pension and you will be able to visit Platten Pedro in the digital world.


Special Collection

In this special collection you will find a selection of the finest Afrobeat, Calypso, Highlife and Jazz compilation re-issues from Nigeria, Guinea, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Colombia, Cuba and Peru!


Limited Editions!

In this collection you will find hundreds of limited editions, colorful and self-released Bandcamp vinyls from the past 8 years. Many of them are still sealed!


Collection sale on eBay

Now it's that time again. Our warehouse is bursting at the seams. Vinyl collections are being sold again. In order to radically reduce our stocks, we are selling collections of records and CDs at auction. Check it out!


Nina Simone

In the early 1950s Eunice Kathleen Waymon choose the name Nina Simone to play the Devil’s music. Already as a young child she trained to become a classical pianist but this dream was shattered when she was denied entry to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, despite her outstanding talent. This experience later spurred her to later become an important part of the civil rights movement. To make ends meet, she started playing piano in a club in Atlantic City and was told to sing if she wanted to increase her in come. Soon she gained success as an artist and released her first album in 1957.


Who Put Up The Bump

The rock music fanzine Who Put Up The Bump was created by the music historian Greg Shaw and his wife Suzy. The title of the magazine was inspired by Barry Mann's doo-wop hit from 1961. The first edition was published in 1970 and stood out for its unique writing style that differed greatly from the mainstream music magazines at the time. Later the title was shortened to Bomp! The last edition came out in 1979 and Greg transformed his passion into the music label Bomp! Records. Several copies of the magazine can be found here in this collection.


7" Surpise Box


Record Collector

The first issue of record collector was published in 1980. The magazine was founded by the editor Sean O'Mahony, publisher of the Beatle Book, who worked under the name Johnny Dean. The magazine established a unique identity by publishing articles from fans and collectors. Checkout our collection of 80s copies here!


Grace Jones

The voice of Grace Jones is as iconic as her look. Born in Jamaica, she moved together with her family to New York in the early 1960s, at the age of thirteen. Later she became a high fashion model and was a regular at Studio 54 and Andy Warhol’s Factory. In 1977 she had her debut with the record Portfolio on Island Records, which was a great success. Since then she has released ten studio albums, eight compilations and 53 singles. Being a multi-faceted artist, her music is always accompanied by incredible videos and amazing cover art. We highly suggest to take a look at our collection!


Forward to the past with 8-Track

We got our hands on an old stock of mostly still sealed 8-track cartridges. Some of them are even completely unknown to the internet – until now! Exclusive at recordsale. Take a look at this rare but lovely format, you’ll discover some treasures!


back in the days...

More than 15 years ago, started in Berlin-Mitte...


Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is an international photography cooperative that was founded in Paris in 1947 by the photographers Robert Capa, David "Chim" Seymour, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger, William Vandivert, Rita Vandivert and Maria Eisner. The idea behind the agency was born out of the desire to gain control over the copyrights of their photographs. Today the cooperative has offices in New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. In this special collection you will find a selection of covers that were photographed and signed by Magnum photographers such as Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr, Thomas Hoepker, Bruce Gilden and Bruno Barbey.


Chet Baker

Chet Baker was the son of a musician and already started playing the trumpet as a child. He left school as a teenager in 1946 and joined the US army, he was assigned to Berlin where he joined the 298th Army Band. In 1951 he was discharged and began to pursue his music career. Chet started making a name for himself as trumpeter in Gerry Mulligan’s piano-less Quartett which played at The Haig in Los Angeles. He often returned to Europe, was fluent in Italian and even starred in movies. Great talent often comes with a turbulent lifestyle which without a doubt resonates in Chet’s sound. Have a listen..


Record Mirror

Record Mirror was founded by the British editor Isidore Green in 1954. Until 1991 this newspaper was published weekly. During the 1980s it was the only music paper that carried official UK singles and albums charts which were used by the BBC for Radio 1 as well as for Top of the Pops. In this collection you can find several copies from the 80s!


Vintage Bravo

Bravo magazine was founded by journalist Peter Boenisch and publisher Helmut Kindler, the first issue was published on the 26th of August 1956 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. In this collection you can discover vintage Bravo copies from the 1960s!


Cover Art by Keith Haring

Keith Haring began to use the public space in New York City as his canvas in the late 1970s and soon gained international success as an artist for his distinct illustration technique. In 1986 Keith was invited to Berlin by the director of the Check Point Charlie Museum to paint a mural on a section of the border wall. Overnight a large part of Keith’s work had been painted grey, out of protest. Three years later the entire wall came down.
To celebrate Keith’s colourful work we’ve put together a collection of records that feature his art. Our highlight: "Life Is Something Special" by the N.Y.C Peech Boys designed and signed by the amazing Keith Haring himself!


cabinet of rarities

Of course recordsale also offers absolute collector's items: Ultrarare originals from the 60s, classics of Krautrock from the 70s, sought-after obscurities from the 80s and alternative hits from the 90s can be found here.


Trax Records Label Collection

Legendary Chicago Label was found 1984 by Larry Sherman and Jesse Saunders and is one of the most important Labels when it comes to House Music. It released classics like Larry Heard “Can You Feel It” or Frankie Knuckles “The Whistle Song” and formed the sound of a whole decade.


Warp Label Collection

Founded in Sheffield Warp formed UK Techno like no other Label and created it’s own genre under the name Bleep. It’s Label Catalogue also contains some groundbreaking Ambient and IDM Releases by artists like Aphex Twin and Autchere.


Vertigo Label Collection

Founded in 1969 as a sublabel of Philips Records, Vertigo is known for high class Progressive Rock releases by artists like Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant or Ramases. Especially in demand and immediate eye-catchers are the records with the Vertigo-Swirl label.


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US Singles

You may remember our great deal from Pennsylvania, where we suceeded to find around 600.000 45s. In the meanwhile we started to list them. A lot of them are not available on Discogs, therefore you can check them exclusively on our website. It's surely worthwhile to have a look and we can only recommend to pass by regulary as you will find all new arrivals on the top of the listing. Enjoy your hunt!

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One Moment For Dusty Hill

Dusty Hill, bassist of the American Rock Band ZZ Top passed away on the 28th of July at the age of 72. He played together with Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons for more than half a century. They recorded 15 studio albums and sold around 50 million records worldwide. According to Dusty's will, the band will continue with Elwood Francis in his place. You will be missed greatly, amigo!



The German Sounds magazine was founded in 1966 by Rainer Blome. In the beginning the focus was on free jazz, later progressive rock, punk, new wave and pop. It was bought by the Swiss publisher Jürg Marquard in 1983 who renamed it Musikexpress Sounds. After a takeover by the publishing house Axel-Springer in 2000, it is only called Musikexpress. Various editions from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s can be found here!


Hip Hop Collection

Hip Hop as a genre of music is instantly recognizable. Samples from soul and funk records, vinyl scratching and a special form of poetry known as rapping, are some of its key elements. This sound originated in the Bronx in the late 1970s and has had a worldwide influence. It is often said that the golden age of hip hop was in the nineties. Whatever decade you prefer - we have a wide variety of American and German hip-hop in this collection.


The Caricaturist

Sebastian Krüger, born in 1963, is a German artist known for his unique style of caricature painting. During the 80s he designed the artwork for many album covers of different Rock and Heavy Metal bands such as Tankard, Scorpions, Risk, Destruction and The Raymen. Krüger was also close with The Rolling Stones, he created several group portraits and numerous portraits of Keith Richards. Check out our selection of LP’s and 7” signed by the artist himself.


Welcome to tape heaven!

THE medium of the 80's is back and we have increased our stock with classics, box sets and rare editions - largely still sealed. About time to dust off the old tape deck and go on a time travel.


Meet the Team

The team introduces itself. As passionate vinyl collectors we let our favourite records speak for us.


Vinyl Bargains

Good music on vinyl doesn't mean it has to be expensive. A proof for this statement is our section "Vinyl Bargains".
Make your deal and dig the low priced records under 5€.

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