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One Minute for Bill Coleman

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Happy Birthday Jean-Michel Jarre!

Just Arrived

For the connoisseurs of our offers, the news from last week is available again at a glance. And finally also with filter functions.

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Our new warehouse is home to over 1.3 million records!

We've long since dreamt of having all departments of under one
roof: now, we're almost there. Since November we've been carefully
relocating our historic Kreuzberg storage facility to a modernized location
in Wilhelmsruh and - if we keep on track - the move will be complete by the
end of Feburary.

Instagram final 1 is now on Instagram!

Follow us for exclusive photos and news. #recordoftheday #coverart #vinylcommunity #rarities

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New Stock From Distant Lands!

We’ve picked out some titles for you.
Here you will find new products from America and Europe at very fair prices.


back in the days...

Almost 10 years ago, started in Berlin-Mitte.

we are not the ultimate vinyl resource in the web -
we are just a ordinary recordstore


New location for 1.3 million records

It's done! Since this year we are in our new location, which at the same time offers us enough space for our office rooms as well as our warehouse. On two levels there is now enough space for hundreds of thousands of old and new vinyl treasures.

Just arrived

From now on: Organize the new arrivals of your favorite genres with just one click.

It's now possible to filter new arrivals on by
With around 1000 new arrivals every day, we acknowledge it's quite
easy to get lost. Things are getting simpler - our new feature will allow
you to filter by genre with one simple click.
Just click the blue genre button and you'll see the records you're looking for.

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US Singles

You may remember our great deal from Pennsylvania, where we suceeded to find around 600.000 45s. In the meanwhile we started to list them. A lot of them
are not available on Discogs, therefore you can check them exclusively on our
website. It's surely worthwhile to have a look and we can only recommend to
pass by regulary as you will find all new arrivals on the top of the
listing. Enjoy your hunt!

Search by Genre

Our stock is sorted by more than 500 music categories., divided into 21 genres..

Have We Reached Peak Vinyl?

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Vinyl Bargains

Good music on vinyl doesn't mean it has to be expensive. A proof for this statement is our new section "Vinyl Bargains"
Make your Deal and dig the low priced records under 5€. Every month 4000 new records.

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We have reduced our shipping costs!

From now on we ship for only 3.90€ within Germany. No matter if you want to order one or one hundred records.
We have also extended our flatrate program for worldwide shipping. Within Europe, for example, you pay a maximum of 13.90€ per order. To Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium even only 7.90€. You can find a detailed list in the updated shipping overview.


We're presenting our personal record collections!

We wouldn't hesitate a second to put these records in our personal
closet. So far the team was working rather anonymous, now
we think it's time to show our faces, beautifully decorated with sleeves
we find particularly aesthetic or remarkable. As all of us are
passionate record collectors as well, it makes sense to let our favorite
records speak for us. From now on we will present you the records of our
stock that belong to the highlights of our staff. We just uploaded our
profile pages and hope you find some inspiration among our personal