Is it still possible to earn money in the music industry?

Recordsale is rapidly growing. We are always looking for committed, music-enthusiast employers and unsolicited applications are welcome anytime. If you would like to work with us, send an email with your CV, your experience, your expertise and what you are looking to do: [email protected]

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We have apprenticeships

Please check german version. You need to speak german for an apprenticeship at recordsale anyway.

Part-time job at the warehouse

We offer part-time jobs (between 12 and 20 hours per week, 5 days a week, 2-3 hours every day) or flexible mini jobs in the recordsale warehouse. If you are used to structured and efficient workflow and might handle the lack of comfort, we are happy to receive your application via mail to [email protected].

We are looking for gifted Authors

We are looking for gifted authors for short texts about gifted musciains. If you would like to help make our website better please send us some samples of your work stating the customer number to: [email protected]
Payment is offered in the form of a voucher - we pay a 4€ voucher for every short text.
You can select artists from a long list. We look forward to your application.

Part-time job at recordsale - Archivist (English/German)

Occasionally we offer part-time jobs in the recordsale archive. The job consists of 20 hours per week divided into 5-hour shifts over 4 days. As well as excellent general knowledge of music history, you must be able to work in an efficient and routined manner at the computer. It is not necessary to speak german, as the database is in english and we we will train you on the job in english. If you are interested in the job please send your application to: [email protected]