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I'm Aquarius (HQ-Vinyl LIMITED)
2013, FranceHQ-Vinyl LIMITED
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#<Artist:0x007f2775832b30> - I'm Aquarius
12'' - Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
I'm Aquarius (HQ-Vinyl LIMITED)
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281616890 Release: 16.12.2013 Special Remarks: 12′' EP (artwork by Leslie David) + download card included Tracklist EP: A1. I'm Aquarius B1. She Grows / B2. I'm Aquarius (Instrumental) : Britain's most-loved, quintessentially English, modern pop act Metronomy, return after 18 months with comeback single 'I'm Aquarius' announcing the release of the new album 'Love Letters' in march 2014. Metronomy is the creation of singer, writer and producer and expert musician Joseph Mount. In its execution, Love Letters tries to do fresh things in an old-fashioned way. It takes richer methods of recording and injects them with the shock of the new - of tight electronics, and experiments in sound. It does so not to be retro, but to embrace the quality standards of the past. It also aims to be up there with the greats, reaching for those old stars. Mount never wanted to rest on his laurels as a writer, either. Instead, he wanted a new challenge, and to learn discipline. It helped that something was coming along to focus him naturally - the birth of his first child. For him, the pram in the hall wasn't the enemy of art. It was his enabler.As Mount knuckled down to work, the idea of using Toe Rag kicked in. Instead of constructing his music on computers, he would use classic, slower techniques that would force him to take time in the best possible sense. By recording onto tape, he would also be forced to think about his music more purely, construct it with more finesse, and enjoy exploring its possibilities. Down a quiet driveway in East London is an old-fashioned studio. It's the home of analogue sound, of warm, dusty machines, where the ambitions of independent artists get turned into classic recordings. It's also where Metronomy made Love Letters, that classic electronic pop album, which is still sending its message straight to your heart.[was]