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Groovebox Ep
2008, Germany
9,90 €
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12inch Vinyl Single - Channel X - Groovebox Ep
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Groovebox Ep
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Finally Channel X are back on Stil vor Talent with three fresh tracks for the winter season. It's time to get close together on the dancefloor to these crisp techno beats that the two guys behind Channel X deliver. Their new EP 'Groovebox' is filled with some class A material for the raunchy dancefloor. First up there is 'Into the Club'. This track is typical for Channel X: it will blow off the roof in the club! As the title of the track already suggests, this is another one of Channel X's lengthy journeys into nightlife extravaganzas. A wonderful fidgety bassline and a loop filled with loads of soulful vocal samples from strong male leads to sensitive female souls, this tune is both deep, touchful and destroying. The chainsaw effect session in the middle paves the way for more stomping tech-house business. No time to recover from this, because on the flip it's straight onto the floor with 'Wake Up': a loop that's made of trillions of little cut-up effects, vocal bits and some straight four to the floor business. After a playful beginning the tune moves into an hypnotic piece of trippy techno only to be converted into a restless party anthem for the ?berpeak-time. Sick! Perhaps there is some time to chill with the last of the three tracks that is 'Against the Wall'. Here it becomes clear what Channel X are best at: to create dark, hard and moving electronic music with that special ingredient that is soul. This track is a perfect example: some frightening effects, lots of reverb on the creepy samples, but such a wonderfully harmonic sample that seems to shed light at the end of the never-ending afterhour. If there is a message to this music, it would be: You need to look hard, but there is always love. Once again label boss Oliver Koletzki has picked up these two very talented producers very early upon their career and it has paid off: in one release being better than the one before.[was]

Into The Club
Wake Up
Against The Wall

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