We accept the following payment methods:

We deliver within 1-2 days of receiving your payment.

  1. SEPA bank collection

    An option which is only possible for customers with a bank account from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Denmark or Belgium. One must order directly through while being logged in to use this fast & uncomplicated method of payment.

  2. Bank transfer

    Please choose this if you have a bank account inside the EU. Dear european customers you may not know this: It is very fast (about 3 days) and very cheap to execute a european money transfer. We will supply you with all the data you need, just call your bank about the details. If you will not use IBAN and BIC for international wire transfer or your bank account is outside of the EU, you must ensure it doesn't incur us any costs, otherwise you must cover these costs.

  3. Online banking ( (currently not available)

    With your TAN and your Online-Banking Access you can pay completely comfortably by direct money transfer if you are a customer from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia or the United Kingdom. Sometimes it is quicker and we can ship your order sooner.

  4. PayPal

    The world's most commonly used payment method on the internet. Recommended for customers outside the European Union.

  5. Credit card (currently not available)

    Unfortunately, after the insolvency of our financial service provider WIRECARD, we have to look for a new partner who can process credit card payments for us. We do not know how long this is going to take. Please use SEPA bank transfer or Paypal during this period. Thanks for your understanding!