Univerzal Souljahz Compilation

Psycomatic - Univerzal Souljahz Compilation




Univerzal Souljahz Compilation (Still Sealed)
Double CD
2003, GermanyStill Sealed
8,33 €
#<Artist:0x00007f7888ef73f8> - Univerzal Souljahz Compilation
Double CD - Psycomatic & Nino Storm a.o. - Univerzal Souljahz Compilation
Univerzal Souljahz Compilation (Still Sealed)
articoli in magazzino

'(C)&(P) 2003 King Ov Kingz Rekorz & Tone Art Records (back cover)C&P 2003 King Ov Kingz Rekorz (CDs)Alle Tracks arrangiert und gemaztert im Tonicum in Niederschopfheim für Etonic Records..Cover und Artwork für Koka Grafxx.Konzeption und Layout für Koka Grafxx.Released at latest on October 10th, 2003.Track 1-03: Listed as 'Shinin' In Texas' in booklet.Track 1-04: Feature artist is mentioned as 'Janet Harmon'e Jefferson' in booklet.Track 1-12: Is only listed with mix title in booklet where the artist is also listed as 'The Keepa'.Track 2-01: German version released on ' Koka Undaground Vol I ' (under the name D.N.A. / Depressiv N Aggressiv) in 2009.Track 2-05: Artist given as 'Poltageist feat. Psycomatic & Vichy Ratey' in booklet.Track 2-15: Artist listed as 'Byrdie from F.T.S. feat. BD' in booklet.Track 2-16: Artist listed as 'Da Sickz Godz (Psycomatic & Fettez Ragga) feat. Double AA & El Fatinero' in booklet.'(discogs)

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