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Hungarian 7'' Singles (250 Insets)
€ 100.00
Vinyl Wholesale - Hungarian 7'' Singles
Collection - Vinyl Wholesale - 250 Hungarian 7inch Vinyl Single Singles
The image is a scan of the item which is for sale
Hungarian 7'' Singles (250 Insets)

Super interesting mix of Hungarian 7‘‘ singles crossing a wide range of genres, with some beautiful artwork and cool cover / label designs, as well as some fantastic music from Hungary. Most releases are from the 60’s and 70’s, with the majority released on the Pepita and Qualiton labels.

You will find Prog, Psychedelia, Pop, Blues Rock, Traditional, Operetta (light Opera / Theatrical), Spoken word and much more in this box, an impressive selection to dig through.

- The records pictured in this photograph are examples included in this selection, providing a good sample of what you should expect in this box.
- Once ordered, your box/s will be shipped securely to your door.
- All boxes may contain some duplicate copies of the same record.
- The condition of the disc's included can vary between VG and NM, with most on average in VG condition.
- If you are not satisfied, the full box can be returned in accordance with Recordsale return policies.[benm]

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