Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away

Kyle Hall - Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away




Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away (HQ-Vinyl)
2014, UKHQ-Vinyl
€ 8.91
#<Artist:0x00007f7806f9ab48> - Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away
12inch Vinyl Single - Kyle Hall - Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away
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Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away (HQ-Vinyl)

Kyle Hall back on Hyperdub for our 10th Anniversary? - Yes please. In fact this is more or less a long delayed EP from the vaults, recorded around the same time as his 2010 'Kaychunk' EP which just goes to show how ahead of the curve the young Detroit producer is. Starting with 'Girl U So Strong', the track riffs on a distorted arpeggiating bassline, seasick organ and a dubbed out voice, and a flicking metronomic note, starting slowly before shuffling drums give the track some rhythmic focus. Soon a warm melody builds over some happy arpeggios, and the whole track feels like a product of brilliant spontaneous energy. 'Take Me Away' works an 8 bit bassline, bleeps and throbs into an off beat shuffle over a pulsing bass drum, loose and happy, dosed with sunshine and space.[cargo]

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