Fabric Of Beliefs

WITXES - Fabric Of Beliefs




Fabric Of Beliefs (180GR + DOWNLOAD)
Double LP
2013180GR + DOWNLOAD
12,45 €
#<Artist:0x00007fe6a61c1620> - Fabric Of Beliefs
Double LP - Witxes - Fabric Of Beliefs - 180GR + DOWNLOAD
Fabric Of Beliefs (180GR + DOWNLOAD)
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This schizophrenic, feminine and plural project, leaning toward esotericism, is a sonic entity crashing popular music into singular music. Aiming at balancing improvisation and passionate sound research, WITXES' debut 'Sorcery/Geography' was a witchcrafted recreation of an inmost geography. Roaming, roving and raving were giving birth to melodic spaces fed on colourful sound layers, shimmering textures and residual traces of sonic instants in which everyone can find a place. If 'Sorcery/Geography' took a look into the outside world, its follow-up is definitely about looking outside the inside world. 'A Fabric of Beliefs' explores how our beliefs, whether they be ideas dogmas, superstitions, faith or spiritual convictions, sum up. It looks at how we pass them between us, giving shape to this ever-changing fabric; how we sew it, how we weave it, how it is hanging on us, how we try to make it fit. The album is not to be taken as a concept nor as an experimental process but more as an underlying narrative about this fabric: being the interface between our inner core and our everyday life. A Fabric of Beliefs sings stories about never ending pilgrimages, about our own personal mythologies, and the inconsistency of our strong conviction. In the light of the French language, the title widens its meaning up: « un tissu de mensonges », is an idiom used when someone is making up a whole story (literally « a fabric of lies »). The word « fabric » is also a false cognate of the word « fabrique » (a factory). The theme of this recording may seem to be far from its predecessor, but they end up being complementary and not so distant in terms of sound, therefore completing the birth of WTIXES. A Fabric of Beliefs is, indeed, the nocturnal, pensive companion to Sorcery/Geography.[cargo]

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