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Theater Of Confused Mind (.. MIND)
Double LP
2014.. MIND
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#<Artist:0x00007f813720ca28> - Theater Of Confused Mind
Double LP - Population One - Theater Of Confused Mind - .. MIND
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Theater Of Confused Mind (.. MIND)
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Deadly Population One album from Terrence Dixon on Rush Hour*Future Classic Alert* TIP! Under the Population One codename, Detroit citizen,Terrence Dixon, has realised some of his most vivid, esoteric portals to the Motor City mindset. Theater Of A Confused Mind is Dixons 2nd album in this mode and marks a timely return to Rush Hour twenty years after his debut album, Unknown Black Shapes, and the Hippnotic Culture 2LP, whose Rush Hour track inspired our companys name. In light of recent news that Terrence is set to retire from making music, the already incredible Theater Of A Confused Mind is imparted with an ever more impending sense of gravity. Its little short of Population Ones magnum opus, and should be treated with due respect. This is really is a thing of beauty with artistic direction by the talented Mr Cosmo Knex (Stenz Quo, No label, reduction). A CD version is set for release in early November.[was]

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