Ape Breaks Vol. 5

Shawn Lee - Ape Breaks Vol. 5



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Ape Breaks Vol. 5
URLP 125
2003, US
12,50 €
#<Artist:0x00007f4ded018c80> - Ape Breaks Vol. 5
LP - Shawn Lee - Ape Breaks Vol. 5
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Ape Breaks Vol. 5
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'As written on the back sleeve:
'Ape Breaks may be used by you on a royalty-free basis, but only if the samples are incorporation into a new work that you are creating. If you use Ape Breaks as described, no additional clearance forms will need to be obtained or fees paid. Ape Breaks may not be copied individually as stand-alone product. Any use of Ape Breaks without additional material being added will be considered a copyright infringement. This permission to use Ape Breaks as described is without warranty, and your use of the Ape Breaks samples is on an 'as is' basis. Ubiquity will not be responsible or liable for any damages of any nature in connection with or arising out of your use of Ape Breaks. If you use Ape Breaks, you will indemnify Ubiquity from any claims that may be made against Ubiquity by third parties based on the manner in which you use Ape Breaks.'

BPM for each track are given:
A1: 98
A2: 84
A3: 76
A4: 76
A5: 91
A6: 116
A7: 81
A8: 89
A9: 88

B10: 68
B11: 100
B12: 97
B13: 91
B14: 77
B15: 91
B16: 82
B17: 89
B18: 81
B19: 88

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